Red Day Champion Toolkit

Thank you for signing up to be Red Day Champion this Red Day for Lamar University!  Please consider using this toolkit and the resources below to help spread the word.  Every #LURedDay post and email you share leading up to and on Red Day will help contribute to the success of the day. 

Also, make sure to follow Lamar University and Lamar University Alumni on social media and share/re-tweet posts. 

  Lamar University and Lamar University Alumni

  @LamarUniversity and @LamarUAlumni

  @LamarUniversity and @LamarUniversityAlumni

  Lamar University

Downloadable Goodies


Sample Social Media Posts

Easy to copy and paste!

Sample Tweets

  • Join me to STAND UP & HOLLER for LU and give back to @LamarUniversity this year on #LURedDay! Visit to learn how.

  • Today is #LURedDay! Let's all come together and give back to support current students and the university in an incredible way. Visit for more information and to give.

  • For me, #LURedDay means ___________.  Join me in supporting @LamarUniversity on #LURedDay and celebrate the resilience and unity of the Cardinal community!

  • The @LamarUniversity community is always here to support one another, and there is no better proof than #LURedDay - when thousands come together to support our students. Go to for more information.

  • @LamarUniversity changed my life and I will forever be proud to be a Cardinal! Join me in giving back, today, on #LURedDay. Visit to give.

  • I just gave back to [area of campus you supported] on #LURedDay!  Will you join me, [@Tag Former Classmates], and give back to @LamarUniversity? Go to for more information and to give. #WeAreLU

  • Thank you to everyone who made #LURedDay a success for @LamarUniversity.  Together we showed the power of the Cardinal community! #WeAreLU

Sample Facebook and LinkedIn Posts

  • #LURedDay is here! Starting at 12:00pmCT on Thursday, September 15, the entire Lamar University community will STAND UP & HOLLER for LU and come together by giving back and supporting the university we all love. Join with countless alumni, faculty, staff, parents and friends by making a gift and changing the lives of thousands of students! Visit for more information.

  • Since the day I became a Cardinal, the Lamar University community has been one that supported me and helped me reach so many of my dreams. Today, on #LURedDay, I am happy to pay it forward. Will you join me, by going to @TAG YOUR FORMER CLASSMATES and making a gift?

  • The Lamar University community is all about supporting one another, and being compassionate and resilient in times of need. I’m giving back today to ensure more opportunities and life-changing experiences are available to each and every Cardinal so they can benefit from the many opportunities I did as a student. #LURedDay

  • I just participated on #LURedDay to show my support for the college I love, and the students who will benefit from the education and life-changing experiences that I did at Lamar University.  I hope you’ll join me in making a gift today! Visit for more information.  #WeAreLU

  • Today is #LURedDay for Lamar University!  The more Cardinals who come together, the stronger the influence we have on the lives of countless current and future Cardinals! Let’s show the power of being an LU Community and make an incredible difference today.

  • Every gift made to @Lamar University on #LURedDay will help continue the excellence of a LU education, live out our Cardinal mission and provide life-changing experiences to each and every student! Let’s all come together by supporting what LU made possible in our lives and ensure that continues for current and future Cardinals! Go to for more information and to make a gift.  #WeAreLU

LinkedIn tip:

Consider using LinkedIn to share the story of how Lamar University prepared you for a successful career. Highlight internship opportunities and hands-on learning experiences that were afforded to you as a Lamar University student. Don’t forget to use #LURedDay in your post!

    Join us in celebrating #LURedDay on Instagram!

    Use Instagram to share your personal Lamar University story (via posts, reels or Instagram stories) to inspire others to give!  Here's some inspiration to get you started:

    • Did you meet your significant other at LU?
    • Was there a professor that changed your life? Pushed you to be your best self, and helped you discover your passions?
    • What is your favorite memory about LU?
    • Post throwback photos that showcase your time as a student.
    • Post a current picture that shows how LU helped you get where you are.
    • What does #LURedDay mean to you?
    • How has the LU community supported and helped you?

    Sample Email Messages

    Copy, paste and send the email messages below to your Lamar University friends and networks!

    [Pre-event] September 12-14

    Subject: Lamar University's 2022 Red Day

    Hi [recipient's first name],

    Lamar University’s annual Day of Giving, also known as Red Day, is happening on Thursday, September 15 beginning at 12:00pm CT.  I hope you will join me in giving back on this special day and support an area on campus that you love. The gift you make at will ensure that countless students will continue to benefit from an incredible education and life-changing opportunities from Lamar University.

    I’ll be supporting the LU Forever Fund in addition to [list other areas you’re supporting] so that there is additional scholarship aid and immediate funding to help address the greatest needs of students and the university.

    Go LU!

    [your name]

    [Day of] September 15

    Subject: Red Day is HERE!

    Hi [recipient's first name],

    Get ready to STAND UP & HOLLER!  Today is Lamar University’s Red Day - where members of the LU community will come together for an extraordinary day of giving back. It is a day of celebration of support for all things LU and a way of showing the power of the Cardinal family.  Together, we can make incredible things happen for the university.

    Every gift made will invest in the programs, academic colleges, and campus that we all love and cherish.  Make your gift at and show that despite the challenges of the past year, there is nothing that will stop our Cardinal mission from inspiring the hearts and minds of our community.

    This special campaign is all about participation - if you've already supported LU this year please consider an additional gift today during Red Day.

    Also, be sure to follow the day's progress, see what programs and classes are on top of the leaderboards, and more at

    Go Cards! #WeAreLU

    [your name]

    [Post-event] September 16

    Subject: THANK YOU!

    Dear [recipient's first name],

    Lamar University’s Red Day has ended, but the influence of the LU community is just beginning!  It was incredible to see the collective generosity of thousands of alumni, faculty, staff, parents, friends and more who want to invest in what we cherish most at LU.

    It truly was a remarkable day - and your support will ensure every student, both present and future, is able to make the most of their Lamar University education and the opportunities that come with it! Thank you for choosing to STAND UP & HOLLER for LU this Red Day!  #WeAreLU

    [your name]

    Sample Text Messages

    Use the example text messages below to send to your Lamar University friends and networks!